Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grandma Love

Dear Iz,

This week has been yet another example on why you are one of the most loved (and blessed) girls in the world. Your Grandma was in town recovering from her most recent surgery and you and her were like peas and carrots. You slept with her (as you usually do), you both ate popcorn in bed while watching TV, you played, you shopped, you cuddled - you did all the things that I did with my Grandma growing up. You need to know Izzy - this kind of love and attention is uncommon. That does not mean it is undeserved. You deserve every second of it. But it is uncommon. And I hope as you grow older you are able to appreciate it. That you take it in and let it build you up. That you learn to love as well as you were loved. Because if that becomes the case, you will have much love to share with this world.

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